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Broughton House


BDS Design undertook the design of the brochure for Broughton House and Garden, the Kirkcudbright home of the famous Scottish artist, E A Hornel now owned by The National Trust for Scotland. The project involved presenting a goldmine of content that informs, inspires and encourages further research.

Broughton House & Garden shows Glasgow Boy, E. A. Hornel’s work, especially many of the works resulting from his trips to Asia. It also puts in context the work of one Scotland’s most important 20th century artists, offering memorabilia and personal artefacts that surrounded the artist of a day-to-day basis, many of which appear in his work.

The Garden could be described as Scotland’s Giverny and the brochure as a whole had to reflect the richness of content in the ensemble of rooms, lawns, flowers-beds, pond and greenhouse.

The project complemented other work that BDS Design has undertaken for The National Trust for Scotland around important places and figures in Scotland’s heritage and culture.