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Waltham Forest Libraries in north east London uses BDSLink to pull book jacket images directly from the BDS server into the library service's LMS. The process is seamless and runs throughout the library service's diverse opening hours, including Sundays.

In a mulit-ethnic, multi-lingual community such as Waltham Forest, with the population’s ethnic composition of just over half white British and half Irish, Polish, Caribbean, African, Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Chinese, visual identification of items can prove useful.

Students use the library service extensively during the run-up to exams as this densely populated area cannot always offer ideal study circumstances in the home environment. Once again, the visual aids and instant information provided by BDS help students identify the tiems they require to succesfully undertake study and projects.

Today’s Library Service is much more about action and engagement with the community. BDS data, its diverse means of delivery and richness of content, plays a vital role in that process of engagement.
Josephine Regis, Waltham Forest Library Service

The London Borough of Waltham Forest Library Service is a member of the London Library Consortium which receives data from BDS, including catalogue records, book summaries and book jacket covers, as well as using the BDSLite information resource.