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Bespoke data supply

Prior to working with BDS, Oxfam shop managers had been using eBay to sell donated products. Oxfam decided to take a direct approach and set up an online store.

As Oxfam receives donations, it doesn’t know what products will be available for sale. A standard data-feed from other data suppliers was not appropriate as this incurs high costs and wastage through purchasing un-needed data.

After meeting with Oxfam, BDS recognised that Oxfam needed a unique solution. BDS had the data and demonstrated that by using its own XML API, BDS would be able to supply the data to fill the Oxfam template ready for deployment on the web.


BDS is behind Oxfam’s bid to expose its goods to a much wider public and increase its revenue to help people around the world. Without the expertise, knowledge and experience of BDS this project would not have been possible.

Tom Baldwin, Category Manager, E-commerce Team, Oxfam GB