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Leaflets: a workhorse and a work of art

Walk into an information centre, a library or even your local supermarket and you will walk past rows and columns of leaflets, leaflets on everything: nature trails, shopping centres, local tradesmen and services, local events, national events, historic centres, sports centres, water parks, zoos, local producers and produce – the list is as long as your imagination is fertile.

The popularity of the leaflet is also its greatest weakness. There so many, how do you get your leaflet, promoting your goods and services, noticed?

The answer is by using top quality design that delivers a clear, concise message. To make your leaflet stand out from the crowd and to make the most of the time and money you devote to promoting through your leaflet, it pays to employ the best: BDSDigital.

Recently BDSDigital was asked by the South West Scotland Coastal Path Partnership to design an A4 fan-fold leaflet for a new section of footpath being established in Scotland.

The cover offers a dramatic view but makes the invitation friendly with the word stroll. Inserts offer some of the sites walkers will encounter while the design uses waves, reminiscent of the landscape and the sea.

The upper half of the front panel of the leaflet is designed so that when placed among other leaflets in a rail, the essential information is conveyed as the eye roams the offerings on display.

Two Sides to Every Story

The inside of a leaflet is just as important. The reader must be engaged. The leaflet is should not be comprehensive; it is a sign to the most important features you offer.

The leaflet BDSDigital undertook for the Moffat & District Community Nature Reserve is a great example of an interior that informs, entices and offers practical assistance.

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Inside of leaflet for Moffat Community Nature Reserve designed by BDSDigital.

A brief description provides context. Photographs make a visit to the reserve an attractive option and act as an identification guide. A map allows for orientation on site and tempts the reader. The final touch is the web address which allows the reader to undertake more research.

BDSDigital undertakes leaflets for commercial ventures, too. These may be simple factsheets, such as those created for BDSDigital itself, or leaflets for events such as music or theatre performances. Seasonal offers are also a powerful use of the leaflet. These can be posted or handed out and may advertise sales or special offers.

Leaflets can also be used to introduce your business to your client base: a description of what you do, photographic evidence to back it up and a testimonial or two is all it needs to grab attention and achieve a sale.

The important thing, no matter what the purpose of your leaflet, is to maintain brand consistency. This not only includes the use of your logo but also colours, shapes and style of presentation. Your leaflet should be as recognisably you as your shopfront, your van, your advertisement in the newspaper and your business card and printed stationery.

BDSDigital is expert in all these fields and can help you carry your brand into the market.