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Brand identity, responsive website, printed literature

The Whithorn Trust required a total refresh of their brand identity and website with a focus on appealing to a wider audience from family day trippers to serious academics.

BDS Design worked closely with the Trust’s members to create a brand identity that could represent the rich heritage of the visitor centre and town.

Whithorn was the first settlement town in Scotland, the first Christian settlement in Scotland, home to St Ninian, a Viking era settlement, active in the Celtic era, was a medieval centre for pilgrimage and has standing stones and a complex of archaeological remains. Today the town and surroundings is a site of extensive archaeological digs.

By working with our copywriter, the strapline “Come Close, See Far” was developed to create a personal touch, like a friend inviting you to their home.

The project reflects BDS Design’s extensive work in the heritage and culture sector.

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