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360 Degree Flooring: web and design combine for ultimate effect

BDSDigital was asked by 360 degree flooring to provide the complete marketing package, both on and offline.

“We started with the brand and built the package,” says Nicky O’Toole, Design Manager at BDSDigital. “We wanted the look and feel to be instantly recognisable whether you are online or in the High Street or reading the local newspaper, whether on a tablet, a phone or picking up a printed leaflet.”

A one-page website sets the design standard, detailing different types of work and materials using carousels and social media feeds as well as a prominent contact point. This was continued into leaflet design that directs potential customers to a point of contact, either by phone or the web. Business cards finished the package.

“It is about clear presentation of what is on offer, multi-channel access into the market and simple methods for establishing personal contact,” continues Nicky. “All this needs to be done with consistent design features marking out the business in the public eye.”

Visit the website at www.360degreeflooring.co.uk.