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“I think my favourite job of all time at BDSDigital is the Year of Young People website,” announces our Business Development Manager.

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As part of the Scottish Government’s programme of themed years, 2018 has been identified as the Year of Young People. BDSDigital engaged fully with the Dumfries and Galloway arm of the initiative.

The website celebrates the personalities, talents and achievements of young people in Dumfries and Galloway and showcases the best of Dumfries and Galloway to young people across Scotland. Diverse sections cover culture, education, enterprise, health, equality and opportunities for participation.

“BDS made sure the young people were involved in all stages of building the website for Year of Young People D&G, including attending planning meetings with the designers and making decisions on the look and functionality," says Hannah Birse of the Year of Young People project Team. “We felt included and learned a lot from the experience.”

The project included the development of a YOYPDG Bucket List App which offers users the opportunity to get involved as individuals or with friends to complete challenges such as learning to bake a cake or rock climbing or kayaking – literally hundreds of ideas to add to your very own 2018 bucket list.

“It is a privilege to be part of something that is celebrating the youth across Scotland,” continues our Business Development Manager. “Inspiring initiatives like this brings the whole country together and gives a real boost to the confidence of our youth and our economy.”

For a company with so much experience, young people are at the heart of BDSDigital. The company has raised funds year upon year for the Cash for Kids charity in Dumfries and supported “The da Vinci Challenge” for schools as well as supporting Youth Beatz music festival in Dumfries. But it is the web and design work that keeps the initiatives and businesses running.

Experience the Energy

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The FunBox website makes extensive use of video, as well as offering a shop for FunBox merchandise and the opportunity to book your seats for the next show

“I loved this job. It brought out the big kid in me. That bit of me that enjoys what my own kids enjoy so much, and Funbox is a fantastic show and a great group,” says Nicky O’Toole, Designer at BDSDigital. “Of course, on the serious side, there are no end of creative challenges in getting the message across, in attracting the thousands of families that will go and see FunBox as they tour the country.”

The FunBox package began with the creation of the FunBox brand which then led to animations for the website, video, an online booking system and, to keep the commercial momentum, an online shop that sells FunBox merchandise.

Experience more FunBox with our dedicated case study here.

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