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It's Time for Fun: It's FunBox

Branding, Video, Animation & Website with E-commerce and Booking

Sometimes you just have to have fun when you create an identity for a company. For FunBox, a children’s entertainment troupe that tour year-round, BDSDigital created the brand, website, themes and animations for their shows.

“I loved this job. It brought out the big kid in me. That bit of me that enjoys what my own kids enjoy so much, and Funbox is a fantastic show and a great group,” says Nicky O’Toole, Design Manager at BDSDigital. “Of course, on the serious side, there are no end of creative challenges in getting the message across, in attracting the thousands of families that will go and see FunBox as they tour the country.”

As part of the preparatory process, Nicky used his video creation skills to prepare the look and feel of the FunBox pacakage. Here’s an insight, one of the shorts he produced:


But there was a lot more to the FunBox package. As always, it began with the brand which then spread like infectious laughter across the whole production, including the highly popular Bonzo the Dog. There are fantastic animations for the website that add to an altogether colourful package which the FunBox team carry through into their stage productions.

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The BDSDigital team produced video for a “Look & Listen” section that features “Pirates & Princes” and, of course, the ever so cool Bonzo the dog, not to mention a rendering of the classic children’s song, “Ye cannae shove yer Granny aff a bus” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3-cEsqc4vY). The videos are embedded into the website, ensuring visitor retention and providing instant mirth.

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To keep the commercial momentum, BDSDigital included an online shop that sells FunBox merchandise that can be delivered directly to your Christmas stocking or front door.

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Visit the FunBox website at www.funbox.co.uk and make sure you take the kids along to see one of their shows – they are all listed in the “Shows” section and you can buy tickets online!