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The Policy Press

Catalogue website, blog & e-newsletter

Established in 1996 and describing themselves as 'Publishers With A Purpose', The Policy Press' aim has always been to improve social conditions with publications that will make a positive difference to learning, research, policy and practice. BDSDigital created the Policy Press website and blog which ran until autumn 2016, helping it to further its aims.

The main part of our brief from The Policy Press was to create a fully functioning catalogue database website to sell and promote their catalogue of books and journals. The company was also looking at other ways to help promote themselves to a wider audience, in order to do this we also created a news blog and set up a e-newsletter campaign system that allowed them to easily manage subscribers and to track the effectiveness of email campaigns.


Julia Mortimer, Assistant Director of The Policy Press, said of the work BDSDigital had undertaken: We are delighted with our new website and the service we received from BDSDigital. They really pulled out the stops to get the site ready for us by our deadline and their experience, help and advice during the process was invaluable.