Small is beautiful: one page websites from BDSDigital


One page is often enough, especially when you employ the skills of the BDSDigital team.

“Simple, one page websites are capable of getting so much information across and they can have fantastic impact,” says Nicky O’Toole, Design Manager at BDSDigital. “We use all the latest web possibilities such as slide shows, video, and carousel presentation, so that one page is a layered experience that builds a complete picture of your business.”

Add in social media feeds, contact forms, news feeds, all worked into superb design that remains consistent to your brand and your one page website will have an irreesistible effect.

One page website are ideally suited to small businesses such as trades or guest houses and small hotels or modern tech-savvy businesses that are out to prove that small is beautiful.

Infusion Telecom

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Infusion Telecom offers clients cutting-edge telephonic connectivity. The one-page website is ideal because its build and content reflect the business it represents: it is up-to-the-minute technologically. Refusing the top-heavy approach, the website presents everything up-front and even includes a video in which Infusion Telecom is introduced and explained.


Stevie Wight Electrical

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Electrician Stevie Wight replaced his old multi-page site with a fresh and friendly one page website from BDSDigital. The photography was upgraded and Stevie’s trademark yellow was carried into the website’s presence. On one page you can see what work Stevie undertakes and get in contact and request a quote as well as view the social media feed updated by Stevie regularly via Facebook.


The Market Inn Hotel

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The Market Inn Public House and Hotel in the rural town of Castle Douglas needed to refresh its website which had become severely dated. Rather than go for the multi-page format with drop down menus, the Market Inn opted for one page that gets the message across at a glance and allows the viewer to get in touch straight away to book a room – and a pint. While not forgetting the warmth of a Scottish welcome, BDSDigital ensured the site is modern and efficient.