Stand Out from the Herd: BDSDigital and Yew Tree Dairy

“BDSDigital’s understanding of our business is impressive together with the enthusiasm they have for all work undertaken and, quite simply, they are a very friendly group to deal with,” says Duncan Carrick, Sales Manager at Yew Tree Dairy.

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BDSDigital created this free-standing exhibition backdrop, employing the signature Jersey cow, a theme developed through disucssion between Duncan Carrick of Yew Tree Dairy and the BDSDigital team.

Creating a consistent and engaging market profile across all media is essential in today’s competitive world. Yew Tree Dairy, based in Lancashire is currently expanding its milk products operation to a global market, and it requires that Duncan Carrick does a lot of globe-trotting.

“Showcasing your business to potential clients is a daily, year-round job,” says our Business Development Manager. “While growing your business in one market you can’t afford to miss streams of new revenue, all too often because you are simply busy running the business.”

Helping Business Grow

“Yew Tree Dairy had a very low profile in the market. We needed to increase our profile as a company, create some ongoing imagery for the business and redesign and launch a proper website," says Duncan. “BDSDigital impressed with the timely production of material and communication of changes, ideas and options. We were on a tight deadline and they delivered. This led to a closer working relationship that has demonstrated an understanding of the ethos of our business and how this can be translated into marketing material, especially the use of the Jersey cow that now forms a theme through our company’s public image.”

That is why Yew Tree Dairy chose the cross-media, joined up solution that BDSDigital can provide: website, exhibition stand, decals for lorries, branding refresh, leaflets… whatever is required to get the produce of Duncan’s Jersey cows in the shopping basket of his customers.

Partnership is Key

It all started with a herd of cows but as Yew Tree Dairy expanded by working with farms across the north of England and south of Scotland, it needed a partnership that could create a market profile that could grow alongside the company, and that means working with the experience and creativity of BDSDigital.

“Our working with BDSDigital has been flawless from their side. I can send them basic material and let them do the creative bit and come back with options on time. It takes a lot of work off my desk and I rest safe in the knowledge that they will deliver exactly on the brief.”

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