Artist Jane Kelly approached BDSDigital to build a new website to present her diverse range of artwork...

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“I knew of BDSDigital’s excellent credentials when it comes to creating websites to represent the work of artists, including some internationally known names,” says Jane. “I had worked with the team before and I was confident that they could deliver in a way that was contemporary, easy to navigate and a work of art in its own right. It was a great collaboration.”

Jane lives on the West Coast of Scotland and makes images, objects, gardens and landworks inspired by the immediate environment and in response to wider ecological issues.

“This website had to be bold on visuals and we used Jane’s photography to do that,” says Nicky O’Toole, Design Manager at BDSDigital. “It also had to have a sense of discovery as the visitor explores the multiple facets of Jane Kelly’s work.”

Full screen images of the environments that so often inspire Jane are presented on the homepage. There is a minimalist feel to keep things clean and simple. The visitor views these landscapes without the distraction of complex menus, intrusive advertising or language.

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The three main sections of the artist's work presented visually: gardens, art and an archive.

When you mouse-over an image you get written information but the signposts are entirely visual. For example, “Gardens” gives onto individual projects which are again pictorially presented beneath a bold visual header. As you mouse over the individual projects the images come alive with colour.

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Click on a project and another gallery of images appears with a brief project description.

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“While the language of the website has to be visual wherever possible, we also need to inform," explains Nicky. “An artist’s website is a showcase and a point of contact. In the nicest possible way, it has to sell the artist to the viewer.”

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A balance is struck between static information, such as a biography and CV, and dynamic information: what is happening, being thought and discussed, now. Embedded social media feeds, in this case to Facebook and Flickr, perform this function, keeping the visitor up-to-date with the artist’s work and career.

With Gilding the Lily, high-end artistic endeavour and creative design have come together to tell the story of an artist’s unique and inspiring work.