BDS Celebrates 20 Years

BDS Team and family celebrating 20th anniversary

BDS celebrated 20 years of business with panache at a “party” for the staff, their partners, management and long-term associates and friends of the company.

The event took place not far from the BDS HQ at the Cairndale Hotel in the centre of Dumfries, Scotland. Bubbly led into two brief speeches, the cutting of a bibliophile’s dream-cake, a four course meal and then plenty of dancing to the fiddles and whoops of a ceilidh band.

Lesley Whyte and Eric Green opened the proceedings by remembering people and friends of the company. Lesley recalled that BDS started up in the same year, 1995, as e-Bay and Eric recounted some amusing tales about those ingénue days when running a business was as much improvisation as planning and relied on a deal of good luck.

In a town of 30,000 people, BDS plays today a significant role in the local economy, not only employing nearly 70 people but also supporting charities, educational programmes and the arts. One hundred guests around ten tables went on to swap stories and remember what BDS has meant to them before continuing the celebrations on the dance floor.

Lesley concluded her speech by saying:

“It is amazing that the team of people sitting here this evening have created and sustained a service that is of fundamental importance to the libraries in every country where English is spoken in the world. Thank you all for embarking on this journey with me, and let’s raise our glasses to toast BDS and the next exciting twenty years.”