BDS Chair Retires

Cleve Vine at the BDS 25th anniversary celebrations

Cleve Vine, who has been Chairman of BDS since 1 January 2004, has retired, after a long association with the company.

Cleve saw BDS through a process of expansion and integration of services to the book trade as the business grew from metadata provision to libraries, to include physical and digital media across all home entertainment sectors, as well as offering web services to the book and related industries.

“I am proud to have been able to help steer BDS towards success,” says Cleve. “I have been associated with the company since its earliest days and was honoured to be offered the chairmanship in 2004. Soon after taking on that role I attended the BDS 10th anniversary celebrations. Only last year, I was present and ceilidh dancing at their 25th anniversary party. I’ve enjoyed giving Lesley and Eric the benefit of my experience and enjoyed meeting all the staff over the years. Being Chairman of BDS has been a pleasure.”

Cleve has had a long and illustrious career in the book trade and was formerly Deputy Managing Director of Book Data and sat on the boards of Penguin UK and Melia Publishing. He was also a Director of web services company Ehaus which became part of BDS in the summer of 2004.

“It has been an honour and an education working with Cleve all these years,” says Eric Green, Managing Director of BDSDigital. “His wealth of experience has been matched by his friendly and approachable manner. He has added insight and guidance over the 16 years of his chairmanship.”

“As BDS continues to grow and we look to take on new challenges, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cleve for helping us get where we are today,” says Lesley Whyte, Managing Director of BDS. “Whatever our successes in the years to come, Cleve Vine will have helped us get there and for that all the BDS staff are truly thankful.”

Cleve is succeeded by Colin Grier CA, who has had a successful career in merchant banking. The BDS Board is also being strengthened with the addition of Gerald McGill CA, partner at the accountancy firm Farries, Kirk and McVean, who have managed the company’s finances since its inception in 1995.