BDS Expands With Thema

BDS now offer Thema subject categories on its flagship BDSLive service. The move continues the ongoing commitment by BDS to address international metadata standards and follows on from the recent inclusion of UNIMARC and UKSLC standards.

Thema is a multilingual, multicultural subject category scheme designed to meet the needs of publishers, retailers and trade intermediaries in all sectors of the global book publishing business. It is not intended to replace specialist or library schemes but is designed to replace national general purpose book trade schemes over time.

Thema simplifies the communication of accurate and detailed subject information across international markets and reduces the need to maintain numerous national subject schemes. It is managed by EDItEUR, the international trade standards body for the book trade.

“The value of a global classification scheme is clear,” says Graham Bell, Executive Director of EDItEUR. “It lies in reduced duplication of work where more than one scheme is in use, and the elimination of costly and imprecise mapping processes – and this value grows with the increasingly international nature of the book trade.”
BIC runs the UK Thema National Group, which feeds directly into the International Thema Steering Committee.

“We are delighted to be able to offer Thema codes to users of BDS data,” says Keith Walters, Trade Data Manager at BDS. “The process of integration has involved many departments in BDS including Publisher Liaison, Operations and IT. Its inclusion reflects our commitment to our customers as well as our growing ambition within a global bibliographic market.”
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