BDS Featured In Designing Libraries

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BDS is centrally featured in this month’s issue of Designing Libraries, the online centre for library design and innovation.

In an article entitled “Designing Beautiful Data”, Designing Libraries looks at the history of BDS, what has made it so successful and moves onto the recent rebrand that has seen the company integrate web and design into its portfolio of services.

The history of BDS is followed alongside the history of metadata and the internet:

“As information flowed more freely and quickly around the networks of the world, the opportunity to pack more data into any one service was realised. What in 1995, the year of BDS’s founding, would be a few bits of data rapidly became a few kilobytes and then a few megabytes. In short, metadata, once upon a time the drab dresser who only carried what was absolutely necessary on its back, became the sharp dresser with all the looks and attitude of a fashionista. Suddenly metadata became sexy.”

Designing Libraries is a not-for-profit organisation providing a database and an online resource of information of benefit to the library community. It was established in 2004 with funding from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) as part of its Framework for the Future programme. The website can be found at

“Designing Libraries is an essential reference for anyone interested in library culture nationally and internationally,” says Lesley Whyte. “It is an honour to be featured not only for the work we do for libraries but also for the way in which work, summed up best by our strapline and mission statement ‘information beautifully presented’.”

The full article on BDS can be read here.