BDS in World Premiere Celebration

Huw Wiggin of the Ferio Quartet
Huw Wiggin of the Ferio Quartet Introduces Fraser Clark’s new composition

BDS has commissioned and sponsored the world premiere of a work by composer Fraser Clark, BDS’s resident classical music expert.

The performance was part of the Absolute Classics festival held in Scotland’s oldest theatre, the Theatre Royal in Dumfries.

musician fraser clark takes applause at concert
Fraser Clark takes the applause for his Saxophone Quartet

A post-concert reception at the recently opened Peter Pan Moat Brae Centre of Children’s Literature, followed the sell-out concert which featured the renowned Ferio Quartet performing works by Bach, Shostakovitch, Reinhart, and Purcell alongside Fraser’s “Saxophone Quartet”.

“Tonight, we are enjoying the results of successful collaboration,” announced Lesley speaking to the 80 guests gathered at the reception. “Through connections and partnerships, BDS has been instrumental in securing a commission for Fraser Clark to produce a new work for saxophone ensemble. The lynchpin in this process is our friend, Alex McQuiston of Absolute Classics.”

Introducing “Saxophone Quartet” during the evening, Huw Wiggin, leader of the Ferio, explained how much the ensemble love the new work and how they have enjoyed working with Fraser.

“Absolute Classics is all about inclusion and what better way to demonstrate that than celebrating new talent alongside internationally known musicians,” says Alex McQuiston. “I am thrilled for Fraser and am told the Ferio will be incorporating Fraser’s ‘Saxophone Quartet’ as part of its programme.”

At BDS, Fraser catalogues classical music releases that contribute to BDS’s comprehensive, industry-standard metadata offered to libraries across the UK and internationally.

Lesley Whyte speaking at the Moat Brae reception
Lesley Whyte speaking at the Moat Brae reception with the Ferio Quartet

BDS sponsors the Absolute Classics festival, a year-round series of concerts and educational events for young musicians and builds the Absolute Classics website.

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