BDS Offers RDA Boost for Catalogues

BDS now offers libraries a new automated tool that incorporates RDA elements into legacy records to enhance library catalogues.

The BDS RDA Enhancement Service represents a significant step towards modernising library catalogues and forms part of BDS’s Retrospective Conversion service. AACR2 records are modified automatically to make them more compatible with RDA cataloguing rules.

“The full benefits of RDA will only be derived from records created under RDA,” says Jenny Wright, Chief Metadata Officer at BDS, “however, this process enhances legacy records with the principles of RDA and greatly improves end-user experience of the library catalogue.”

Bibliographic records created using RDA are more user-friendly. There are no Latin abbreviations, for example, and details and attributes are spelt out fully rather than in code, improving the appearance and intelligibility of records for a non-specialist audience.

bds retrospective conversion advert

“The new BDS RDA Enhancement Service represents BDS’s commitment to supporting libraries today and into the future,” says Sarah Armitage, Director of Library Sales. “Adapting to tomorrow’s demands is a challenge every library service faces today, and at BDS we want libraries to know that we are supporting them, helping them to cut costs and remain current.”

To find out more about the new BDS RDA Enhancement Service, contact Sarah Armitage on or 07860 324570.