BDS Sponsors Absolute Classics

BDS is sponsoring Absolute Classics, a series of top flight classical music concerts, masterclasses and a ten-day August festival to take place across Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland in 2017-18.

Absolute Classics, the creation of cellist Alex McQuiston, features highly-acclaimed international musicians who also provide tutoring and mentoring opportunities to young musicians as part of the programme.

BDS has provided a complete rebrand and a website with a calendar and booking facilities, and classical music metadata around each concert, with a view to engaging audiences and enabling preparation and follow-up.

The sponsorship will also generate match-funding from Arts and Business Scotland which will assist Absolute Classics to offer an exciting range of talent and music.

“We are delighted to have BDS on board,” says Alex McQuiston, “and when I heard that the BDS sponsorship had succeeded in triggering further support from Arts & Business I knew our next season was assured. Organisations such as Absolute Classics rely on generous sponsors and so I offer my heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters.”

Ben Robins (far left) and Fraser Clark (centre left) from BDS with Alex McQuiston and Lesley Whyte
Ben Robins (far left) and Fraser Clark (centre left) from BDS with Alex McQuiston and Lesley Whyte

“When Alex came to me and asked if BDS would sponsor Absolute Classics, I had little hesitation in saying ‘yes’,” says Lesley Whyte. “Eric Green and I believe in the value of enabling live arts for the local community and Absolute Classics has so much in common with BDS. We knew our metadata, web services and design services could help Alex achieve his ambitious aims.”

Working in liaison with Absolute Classics will be BDS’s resident classical music expert, Fraser Clark who will select metadata relevant for each concert.

“Existing recordings of the pieces that are to be performed plus any recordings from the performers themselves will feature in my list,” says Fraser, “and also books such as biographies as well as links to more information online. I will be exploring the complete resource that is offered by BDS metadata.”