BDS Sponsors CILIP Linked Data Executive Briefing

As an industry leader in the creation of linked metadata, BDS is pleased to announce its sponsorship of a day-long executive briefing that brings together industry experts to provide an overview of the issues that library managers and decision-makers should consider regarding linked metadata.

The event takes place on the 24th November at CILIP headquarters in Ridgmount Street, London. Speakers for the day are Gordon Dunsire, Independent Consultant and Chair of the Joint Steering Group for Development of RDA; Gill Hamilton, Digital Access Manager, National Library of Scotland; Richard Leeming, External Relationships Manager, Research and Education Space, BBC; Thomas Meehan, Head of Current Cataloguing, University College London, and Neil Wilson, Head of Collection Metadata Collections, British Library.

Topics to be presented and discussed include “Key issues in publishing and consuming linked data for libraries,” “Developing and publishing library linked data: a British Library Perspective,” BIBFRAME, the challenges of working with legacy formats and out-dated standards, and the intriguingly titled, “The Red Planet or the Goddess of Love. How linked open data helps you tell them apart.”

Representing BDS will be Richard Scott, Technical Lead at the Dumfries-based company, who says of the forthcoming event:

“The CILIP Executive Briefing addresses key areas of interest to BDS. The world of linked metadata is rapidly evolving and we see ourselves at the heart of this process for libraries in the UK, so I am looking forward to listening to and learning from experts in their respective fields. By sponsoring this event, we are making this knowledge available to the library community and we can also inform and develop our company’s advances in the area of linked metadata and pass this on to our customers.”

More information can be had and bookings made at