BDS Sponsors RSC Reception

On Friday 6th November 2015, the first step in implementing the recent review of the RDA Governance Model was taken with the launch of the new governance branding, the RDA Steering Committee (RSC). BDS sponsored the reception held in Edinburgh City Chambers which was attended by over 50 delegates from Europe and the rest of the world.

The reception, organised by the Cataloguing and Indexing Group Scotland (CIGS), also included the launch of the rebranded RDA Steering Committee website which can be accessed at The website includes information about the RDA Board, its role and future plans.

After drinks were served, John Scally, Scotland’s National Librarian, gave a welcoming speech which mentioned the new NLS strategy, tied to RDA. Gordon Dunsire, Chair of the Joint Steering Committee of RDA and its replacement, the newly formed RSC, then gave a speech.

“It was a great pleasure to invite the JSC and other international colleagues to a reception in Edinburgh, in the Scottish tradition of bringing people together and offering hospitality in the pursuit of enquiry and enjoyment. The event was a fitting culmination of a week of presentation, discussion, and decision on issues that have global reach for all involved in cultural memory. The local cataloguing community could not have organized this without the support and sponsorship of BDS, not just on this occasion but for the many years the company has been part of Scotland’s professional metadata community.”

Chair of the RDA Board, Simon Edwards, said, “This first step in the implementation of the Governance Review is an important one. It signals… our commitment to further internationalise RDA… moving the meeting around and using the opportunity to engage with the wider community.”

Following the speeches, a full buffet dinner was served where representatives of prestigious organisations such as ALA, Australian Committee on Cataloguing, the BnF, Biblioteca Nacional de España, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek as well as universities such as Edinburgh, Kent, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, Rome, Stockholm, Upsala and Utrecht mingled and celebrated the advances made toward establishing the new RDA standard. BDS was represented by Jenny Wright, Jo Maxwell and Suzanne Jardine.

“On behalf of the Cataloguing and Indexing Group Scotland,” says Graeme Forbes, Head of Ingest at the National Library of Scotland, “I would like to extend thanks to all the participants, observers, organisers, and helpers, and to BDS for its continuing support to CIGS, and its generous sponsorship of the Reception that marked the close of an intensive and successful week of bibliographic debate and decision-making.”

“BDS delighted to sponsor such an important occasion for the library community worldwide,” said Lesley Whyte. “BDS has played an important role in introducing RDA into the UK as well as offering RDA training for librarians, publicising the new standard through our own literature and website as well as contributing to discussions and symposia. I might add that I was particularly proud that Edinburgh, capital city of my native country, was chosen for such an event.”

The next RSC meeting will be held in Frankfurt.