Current Issue: BDSlife, Issue 1

In the first issue of our new online magazine, BDSlife, we celebrate 25 years of BDS, visit the fascinating museum at Cambridge University Press, and introduce our readers to a new arrival on the BDS staff, Heather Sherman, who will be dealing directly with our academic library customers.

All New BDS

As libraries, bookshops and businesses reopen, we present a fresh way to communicate with the world: a new website, a new magazine, and a branding makeover that distills what BDS is: your metadata partner.


From Long Reads

Here are some highlights from previous issues of our printed magazine. Here you will find interviews with industry leaders and thinkers, articles of magnificent libraries and some extraordinary stories.

BDSlife interviews Gordon Dunsire

In 2016, Gordon Dunsire received the IFLA medal “For distinguished service to IFLA and international librarianship, advancing the field of bibliographic data, linked data and the Semantic Web.” BDSlife went to visit him…