Academic Stock Suppliers

BDS creates and supplies high-quality metadata for the titles you provide to academic institutions. Records are available for English language print, eBooks and Open Access titles.

BDS metadata can be used in many ways to enhance and extend the services you offer:

  • Within your own website to aid discovery of the titles you sell
  • To drive alerting services for new titles
  • Passed on to customers to fulfill their metadata requirements
  • As a source of metadata to provide shelf-ready services

Records can either be supplied as part of the BDS Academic Library Licence, or via alternative solutions.

Academic Library Licence

Developed in response to market conditions and following discussion with key industry stakeholders at the academic stock suppliers, metadata experts, SUPC, NAG and JISC, the BDS Academic Library Licence revolutionises the supply of metadata records to UK academic institutions.

BDS provides a dedicated Helpdesk for queries.

Find out more on our Academic Libraries page or contact BDS for more information.

Other Supply Solutions

BDS provides a range of options for the creation, supply and reuse of metadata. Contact BDS now to find out more.