Askews & Holts Library Services

Askews & Holts Library bookshelvesToday the world of library supply is so much more than delivering books. Askews supply home entertainment products and e-books. BDS metadata forms the backbone of the decision-making process and ensures customer satisfaction when it comes to the quality of the bibliographic records.

The arrival of the pre-publication bibliographic record from BDS enables us to undertake the first stage of a dynamic process. We can rapidly answer the question: is this item library relevant?
Kathryn Pattinson, Managing Director, Askews & Holts

BDS metadata and Askews processes fit together so neatly.

All the metadata is placed on Askews website. Libraries can select either automated runs through the Cascade system, which matches the library profile with forthcoming publications, or a managed supply service where the library profile is personally managed by Askews’ staff.

Once ordered the library is sent the BDS pre-publication record so that when the book eventually arrives it can be catalogued and shelved immediately.

Today’s service to libraries is about so much more than supplying the book or the DVD, it’s about a wide range of support systems and cost-effective, first class services. BDS has a vital role to play in that.
Andy Holland Sales Director at Askews & Holts