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Book and media data supply

Flubit required data to populate offers for all their media products – books, films and games – that are sent to users. This needed to be done on-the-fly, meaning use of the data is streamlined and efficient. Flubit creates offers for products at a lower price than the online price. Each offer is unique and private to each individual that uses Flubit’s service.

BDS worked with Flubit through the beta stage development of its website, ensuring that data on home entertainment products merged seamlessly into the Flubit service. The online shopper simply visits the Flubit website, www.flubit.com and pastes in the web address of what they wish to buy and where they found it. BDS data works behind the scenes, coming into action when a demand is created for a home-entertainment product and the resultant offer is supplied to the customer.


Our relationship with BDS is great – the data is excellent, their API is reliable and BDS is always there to help whenever we have a question or requirement.

Andy Stephens, Flubit