RDA for Academic Libraries

Capita hosted BDS to assist a group of trainees for an RDA training day at Capita’s Solihull offices in England. All of the trainees were from academic libraries.

Here’s what three attendeees had to say afterwards:

It was a very good introduction to the topic and I left feeling quite positive about using RDA – it felt slightly less of a mountain to climb!

I think that it was a really good course, well-organised, well-presented, covering all the areas that I hoped would be covered.

The course was well led and well-paced. I feel I have a better understanding of the subject and its implementation.

I think quite a lot of ground was covered very well considering the time constraints. It certainly covered everything (and more) that I wanted to know. I had come prepared with a list of questions and checked them all off so I was very impressed. I now feel able to begin starting out in RDA and I will be referring to the handouts and notes I made on the day.