Cue Features BDSWest10 Data

October’s edition of Cue Entertainment Magazine carries an in-depth interview with BDSWest10’s Barry Smith who talks about “Navigating the Chaos of Content” to Cue readers.

The three-page interview by Cue’s Chris Barrett begins by addressing the recent rebrand of West10 to BDSWest10 which Barry explains “is to provide a united branding and emphasise the strength and breadth of the BDS data offering”.

Barry then goes on to explain how BDSWest10 metadata “creates order out of chaos by supplying information-rich metadata on entertainment releases”.

BDSWest10 has grown steadily since its creation in 2005 and Barry sees its role as pivotal to the successful discovery of entertainment titles in both physical and digital forms. His analysis seems borne out by the fact that BDSWest10 names HMV, Amazon and BASE among its clients.

During the interview, Barry shares his ongoing belief in the physical market and he reflects on his recent experience at PopMid in Portugal where 250 delegates “were making deals, establishing relationships and creating opportunities in the physical market” and he concludes, “we are seeing considerable growth in that side of the business.”

The interview continues with pertinent observations about the need for quality images in the marketplace and concludes around BDSWest10’s joined up thinking and joined up offering through its comprehensive web and design division, BDSDigital.

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