DATA: BDS for US Publishers

BDS is a UK based company that aggregates data on books, both physical and digital. It creates high quality industry-standard catalogue records. These are then distributed to libraries, retailers and e-tailers.

Working with BDS you can:

• Gain exposure in the UK, Europe and the US
• Access the valuable library market through MARC records
• Ensure the highest quality records for your publication
• Future-proof your data by complying with the latest standards
• Gain international compatibility with cataloguing systems

BDS, Your Success

Through the services of BDS, publishers gain access to and exposure in the huge market of UK and European library sales. We are now expanding in the US.

BDS enjoys 100% penetration into the UK library metadata market and BDS has supplied the British Library with UK publication metadata since 1995 – that means cataloguing over 150,000 publications a year and contributing to the British National Bibliography.

BDS offers the same unrivalled service to US publishers. All it takes is the setup of an ONIX feed. BDS has a wealth of experience in this area, ensuring a trouble-free process.

It’s absolutely free... and easy

Once BDS has a publisher’s ONIX feed, it creates records that can be seen and used by libraries, bookshops and e-tailers. We prefer to work direct with publishers in order to maintain the highest possible quality, ensuring that the widest set of standards is applied to the information about your publication. It is an excellent way for your publications to be seen and then purchased, and our creation of MARC records is a pre-requisite to achieving library sales worldwide.

Added Value

The unrivalled quality of BDS metadata offers publishers the opportunity to use BDS metadata to assist its own marketing and sales strategy. Having an accurate, internationally consistent and quality controlled record offers publishers the metadata they need to operate in today’s fast-moving and global markets. By reducing a publisher’s need to engage cataloguing staff trained in international standards, BDS can offer considerable savings.

We Are Growing. So Will You.

BDS is quite simply the tool that publishers need to sell to public, academic and national libraries. As the data BDS supplies is built for the demanding world of the library, BDS has a growing market in the trade sector as standards for metadata become ever more demanding in terms of accuracy, flexibility and enriched content.

BDS’s recent growth into European markets and domestic UK success means that our vision of top quality metadata used by advanced technologies in the private and public sector is becoming a reality. BDS data is designed to work everywhere and respond to the heaviest and most complicated demands. This means that your publications will be seen by library wholesalers, by buyers online, by bookshops... and no more errors in the description, missing links and data fields.

By working with BDS you are assured of the highest levels of quality control. BDS is best.

• Save on investment in creating complex data
• Save on time and streamline workflow
• Save on marketing and support costs to selected markets
• Achieve sales abroad
• Give your publications the best data in the marketplace

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