DATA: Enriched Content

BDS offers a wide range of enriched or extended content on publications. This is linked to BDS records created for publications and is available through the BDSLink delivery mechanism. Customers can choose which type of extended content suits their needs.

You can take advantage of:

• Short and extended product descriptions
• Audience level information
• Cover and internal content images
• Popular and important publications and releases identified
• Look inside the book to assist with selection
• Item price, availability and stockholding on an ISBN and a supplier basis
• Links to trailers for books on YouTube
• Book reviews and author notes
• Questions for reading groups
• Competing titles
• Flap copy and back cover copy
• Links to Goodreads
• Extensive categories for video
• Music artist biographies
• Track listings
• Streaming film trailers
• Extensive cross-referencing linking people and themes across media
• Comprehensive production details for games and video
• This week’s top ten
• Links to external online information

The Key to Discovery

Extended content offers access to your publication’s information via numerous points of entry: visual, aural, themes, reviews, descriptions, dynamic links etc. and it is often the best way to ensure your publication is identified by a member of the buying public unfamiliar with trade-oriented methods of search and discover. Thus, extended content increases the chance of people finding your publication, reducing frustration and enhancing the search experience.

Extended content helps people, including staff in wholesalers, bookshops and libraries, to select items for purchase, build relevant reading lists and advise customers. Good quality extended content is also essential within academic institutions, making research an engaging and entertaining process while ensuring that the student finds the book they need.

Delivery via BDSLink

Delivery of extended content couldn’t be easier.

BDSLink is the service from BDS that allows you to enhance your system with the richness of our extended content. Each publication record can be linked via dedicated APIs to make your stock catalogue or website even more informative and engaging for staff and customers. You can choose the extent of the integration of enhanced information you wish to achieve within your system. The extended content is delivered directly from BDS onto your screen, using no space on your server or, should you choose, it can be loaded into your system.

Ideal for Websites

BDS Extended content is ideal for enhancing information about your titles on the web. As BDS is expert on publisher and bookseller websites, we can integrate BDS extended content into your online bookshop, saving you the time for coding and checking, design and presentation. With over 20 years of web building experience for the book trade, BDS knows how to get you seen and selling online and BDS extended content is an essential part of that process.
Contact sales@bdslive for more information.

Keep Your Information Up-to-Date

BDS updates its metadata on a daily basis and distributes this information “live”. When we receive extended content information from publishers it is instantly integrated into our system, ensuring that your information becomes part of the much wider world of connected metadata, an essential step in the process of exposing your titles to the widest market possible.

If you would like to be sure that your information is reaching the widest possible audience, we are happy to advise on how best to achieve this. Contact our publisher liaison team who can check that your sales information, including any extended content you generate, is available for distribution through our networks. Write to