DATA: How to work with BDS

Our preferred way to receive information about your new publications, or backlist titles, is to receive ONIX files. Please contact our Publisher Liaison team to submit new feeds of information.

The entry we create will only be as good as the details you supply, so please provide the fullest form of information available, including digital images. If you are unable to provide ONIX, we can accept information in alternative forms, such as catalogues, spreadsheets and printed Advance Information sheets. Electronic information can be supplied to Printed information should be mailed to:

Publisher Liaison Department
Annandale House
The Crichton
Bankend Road
Dumfries DG1 4TA
Scotland UK

Online CIP Form

Use our online CIP Form in advance of publication to create a basic bibliographic record that will form part of the British Library’s Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) Programme, in addition to making your publication visible to all BDS customers via its subscription services. Information should be received at least sixteen weeks in advance of publication to ensure inclusion in the CIP Programme.

The CIP Programme

By providing BDS with your new title information, you will ensure that all eligible material features in the British National Bibliography (BNB). This weekly pdf publication is the authoritative listing of books published in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. These products are widely used by librarians, both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world as a means of selecting and cataloguing British books.

Changes to your information

We understand that information supplied in advance of publication is subject to change. BDS is pleased to receive updated information throughout the pre-publication process. This will be passed on to the British Library and all other customers automatically. Publication schedules are particularly helpful to keep us informed in this area.

Upon publication we are happy to work from the physical book to update and create a catalogue record. We record details which you may not have in your own database about the finished item. This record can be useful in producing an archival record of the book for posterity.

Special Commissions

BDS engages with publishers on a number of data products, including, but not limited to the production of MARC records for publications which can be sold direct to libraries, such as e-books (see MARC for digital content). If you have a project where we might be able to help we are happy to discuss your data requirements.