DESIGN: Advertising, newsletters & stationery


Advertising is one of the oldest methods of getting your message across and it is still one of the most important. Today advertising still holds its place in printed material and now, more and more, it is vital online.

BDS Design undertakes creating adverts for any circumstance: print in journals, for exhibition, hoardings, leaflets, and online whether statically placed in websites or e-casts or dynamically placed by third party outlets such as Google.

BDS Design is happy to build an advertisement from scratch for a business or a specific marketing campaign. We have resident experts in both visual and language-oriented marketing. Or we can work alongside a department within your setup to make real what you imagine. The choice is yours.

Once again, we will always ensure that your brand subtly infuses everything your audience sees, thus subliminally reinforcing your market presence. At BDS Design we believe that an advert is not simply about what you announce but how you announce it and how it will be remembered and carry over into other business activity, including future advertising.

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Newsletters are a great way of getting your message across. They allow you the time to develop a thread or investigate a topic more fully; they offer the opportunity to create content that can be used elsewhere, even on your website. Today they can be published electronically as well as in print. They can give an insider’s view onto your business and your products and services. They can also write about your industry or sector more generally thus creating broader demand and increasing your credibility and the esteem in which you are held.

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With a newsletter you can also develop a following as people that are interested in your newsletter’s content will want to come back for more and request notifications about forthcoming issues. This is a great way to increase your business database, ensuring that the names you have are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

BDS Design can create print newsletters for distribution via post or at exhibitions or through a retail outlet. Newsletters can also be accessible through online platforms such as Issuu or embedded in a web browser or emailed as a pdf document.

In any form of newsletter, the quality of the content is paramount and BDS Design can even help there as a member of our team is an expert in this field. So with BDS Design you will not only look good, you will read well and keep your audience coming back for more.

See our BDSLife Magazine newsletter, created especially for library professionals.

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Business stationery is where design for business started. Today, many of the functions of the letter-head and the business card and the comp slip have been replaced by electronic media distributed over the internet but in many respects this has made the presentation of your business on traditional business stationery all the more important.

With so many platforms on which to present your brand, your business stationery cannot let you down and its design presents a challenge in today’s visual world of gradation fills, subtle colours, animated intros and multimedia.

Stationery design is a job for professionals as it requires the retaining of your brand within one of the oldest platforms for connected business. BDS Design start its business working in hand-crafted design and lettering, and it still maintains its link with the values of that past.

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