DESIGN: Animation & video

[very brief animated intro]

Recent research has shown that a website with animation is likely to be more successful both in terms of search engine ranking and visitor satisfaction than more traditional, “still” websites. BDS Design has been creating animation and film for over ten years and employs an expert in this field.

An animation can tell your story in a few seconds. Who are you? What do you do? Who are you talking to? Why choose you?

It can avoid confusion, inform, instruct or be fun. It can generate sales or attract visitors. And by working with BDS Design you know that your brand will always be present in any animation or video we create for you.

To find out more about building an animation to tell a story around your business contact our animation team now.

Film can integrate with animation or stand alone. Film will often involve people or locations, so if you are a hotel in a beautiful location, a film is an ideal means to attract visitors. If you are a choir looking to attract and audience or new members, you can combine sound and vision in a film.

[insert Dumfries choral film]

At BDS Design we love making short films and animations and we think you’ll love what you see.

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