DESIGN: Brochures, guides & catalogues


A brochure can be a superb means of telling people about what you do, what you believe in and what you have on offer. Look at what BDS Design did for the National Trust for Scotland.

Brochures can be like magazines or they can be leaflets but what they always need to carry is a clear visual statement about who you are and this is achieved by subtly integrating colours, shapes and words derived from your visual identity.

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A guide can be a map or a description of a route from a to b or a more general description of a visitor experience or even an item by item listing and commentary. Whether printed or online, your guide needs to be friendly and clear, and this is where BDS Design can bring its experience to bear.

We have undertaken guides for museums, for outdoor sculpture parks, for nature trails and for sports resources. Once again your visual identity is paramount and will be infused into the overall look and feel of the guide. This not only reinforces your brand, it also keeps the experience friendly.

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Catalogues are much more factual and are a resource to find further items or information. However, the same principles apply, the brand must remain visible to ensure the presence of your profile, identify origin and subtly reinforce your values. Look at the work BDS Design did for a truly huge catalogue, the whole of UK publishing over the past fifty years.

The design around your catalogue can carry your message into places that no other platform can achieve and BDS Design is ideally placed to help you achieve this.

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