BDS offers a comprehensive metadata and web solution for your business, allowing you to focus on the overall success of your organisation. We provide the highest quality metadata that will expand and vary in its uses as your business grows.

World-Class R & D

We continually explore, test and invest in new and proven technology to ensure that we are delivering the best possible services to you. The benefits of this investment are passed onto customers in the form of standards, delivery, retrieval, dependability and flexibility of use within your systems.

BDS combines this with unrivalled support, offering access to industry experts and we offer free consultations on how to get the most out of our metadata.

Save Money

Metadata is the core of our business. We provide our services to customers all over the world so we can offer a much more cost-effective solution than any internal solution.

Reduction of labour-intensive activities

You can save hundreds of hours each year by offloading labour-intensive activities, such as updating catalogues and catalogue records, keeping up with the latest releases, gathering contributor information, updating prices and gathering information for reporting.


Pre-release information, including extended content such as images, is supplied to us by publishers and studios up to six months prior to launch, so with BDS you are always ahead of the market and able to select and prepare your products and marketing strategy. BDS metadata is updated daily to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Maintained Contact

Most publishers, studios and labels come to us to supply up-to-date and accurate press material. We maintain regular lines of communication with these contacts, ensuring our sources are continually updated and, if necessary, expanded.


We offer the best support in the industry. We promise a fast response and knowledgeable answers to your questions from friendly people that know you and know their subject.