Enriched Content

With BDS, your metadata carries a wealth of information, including:

  • identifying popular and important releases
  • contributor information
  • current prices and availability
  • short and long descriptions for all media
  • cover and rear content images
  • track listings for music
  • comprehensive production details for games and video
  • trailers for films
  • audience level information

You will also enjoy cross-referencing across media, extensive categories for video, streaming film trailers and music artist biographies. You and your customers will be able to follow actors, scriptwriters, directors, studios – in fact, you can track information through virtually any aspect of the home entertainment industry.

Exceeding Expectations

BDS metadata goes far beyond what is needed for sourcing an item.

BDS specialises in the promotion of information in the MARC format, a metadata standard used by libraries to store and exchange information internationally. In a non-library context, this metadata offers the most complete and accurate record possible for content providers, suppliers, retailers and e-tailers to promote and sell titles.


BDS Enriched Content can be delivered via BDSLink. This can take the form of loading onto your screen from our servers, thus occupying no space on your storage, or delivered into your system for more flexible usage such as marketing campaigns, print-outs and posters.

For more information contact our sales team.