Metadata Delivery

At BDS we work with our customers to find the best delivery solution that fits with their systems, methods of working and market. We do not have a one-size-fits-all policy.

The most popular means of acquiring BDS metadata is through data feeds that can be sent daily or weekly at a time that suit you. BDS metadata is updated and available daily, supplied in XML files and placed on our FTP servers for you to download directly.

BDS metadata is also available through API or our BDSLive service.


You can download our images in resolutions suitable for printing, showcase your catalogue through slideshows, prepare your own marketing campaign or build a purchase list; the only limits are those you choose.

Images of packshots and posters are saved in various sized JPEGs. They are supplied with each record and the sizes vary from original (any size up to c. 35MB), extra-large (750 pixels on the narrowest side), large (400 pixels), medium (200 pixels) and thumbnail (100 pixels ).


BDS has standard feeds that can be set up within a few days. An initial complete catalogue of metadata will be created according to standard criteria such as formats, release dates, and genres. Once this has been created a daily update file will be set up that is placed on the BDS FTP server.

BDS can also create tailored feeds. These will take slightly longer to create and set up but the principle remains the same as our standard feeds – an initial catalogue, followed by daily update feeds.

Our flexible delivery policy means that BDS will work with your business’s strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for your business and customers.

New title information and any subsequent alterations or updates to that information are sent out daily, ensuring the most current metadata is always readily available.

Contact our sales team for more information.