Websites & Hosting

BDS has 25 years’ experience in creating websites for the home entertainment and publishing sector. If you want a unique website built from scratch to receive, manage and present your metadata to market, our team will be more than happy to help.

Web Development and Design Services

BDS offers a range of web development and design services for content providers. This ranges from sophisticated, e-commerce websites that can handle very large data sets to the design of unique web-based identities, marketing material, jacket design, specialist typography, identity and branding to exhibition displays and multimedia presentations.

With 25 years of experience in building and managing websites to diverse markets, including publishing, the arts and some of industry’s leading companies, BDS offers the complete web services package. Our expert knowledge in the integration of large data sets into a smooth-running and attractive web architecture as well as a full design and copywriting service is backed by a commitment to fair pricing and excellent technical support.


BDS provides fully comprehensive e-commerce-enabled websites. Because BDS was there at the start of the e-commerce retail boom, we have always been part of the process that has resulted in the huge growth in customer confidence when shopping online.

We address changing security requirements and specific trading needs while our systems can handle multiple currencies and languages, execute pre-configured rules for discounts and deliver a smooth checkout and fulfilment process including configurable post and packing rules.

You can choose shopping carts, connect to any one of over 200 Payment Gateway providers and sell your range of products, either physical or via download.

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