Jenny Wright to Chair RDA Committee

Jenny Wright, Chief Metadata Officer at BDS, is to take the Chair of the CILIP/BL RDA Committee.

The appointment allows for a consolidation of representation regarding the new governance of the RDA standard. As well as chairing the CILIP/BL RDA Committee, Jenny will become CILIP/CIG’s nominated representative to EURIG, the European RDA Interest Group, in order to maintain links between all bodies.

Jenny says of her appointments: “I am delighted to contribute to the British cataloguing community’s proactive part in the development and maintenance of RDA, and I hope to ensure that the standard serves the needs of users through its support of a well-functioning catalogue.”

The appointments underline BDS’s credentials as a major player in establishing and maintaining professional standards within the international library and metadata sector.

“BDS will benefit from Jenny’s continued professional development,” says Lesley Whyte “as well as benefitting from the scrutiny and development of the RDA standard. I am also delighted that Jenny, who plays such an important role for BDS, has been honoured with these appointments.”

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