BDS Directors

Lesley Whyte - Managing Director

Contact Lesley with any strategic business issues.

t: 01387 702258
Eric Green - Managing Director, Digital

Eric heads up the Digital team dealing with Web and Design and Digital Marketing matters. He also has overall group responsibility for IT and Finance.

t: 01387 702257


Sarah Armitage - Director of Library Sales

Contact Sarah with any library sales enquiries, including BDSLive.

t: 07860 324570
Barry Smith - Director of Trade Sales

Barry handles sales and enquiries across home entertainment media.

t: 07725 001833
Heather Sherman - Director of Academic Library Operations

Contact Heather with enquiries relating to academic libraries.

t: 07711 378086

Operations & Customer Services

Andrea Sherry - Operations Manager

Andrea is responsible for management of the workflow within BDS and customer queries.

t: 01387 702255
Jenny Wright - Chief Metadata Officer

Jenny is responsible for metadata policy and external RDA or MARC training.

t: 01387 702556
Jo Maxwell - Training Manager

Contact Jo regarding classification and name authority queries.

t: 01387 702551
Keith Walters - Trade Data Manager

Keith deals with all aspects of BDS trade data sales and enquiries.

t: 01387 702751
Ben Robins - Manager, BDSWest10

Ben deals with general home entertainment and music data enquiries.

t: 01387 702270
Jennifer Walker - Film Manager, BDSWest10

Jen deals with enquiries relating to film data.

t: 01387 702753

Publisher Liaison & Finance

Dorothy Reid - Publisher Liaison Manager

Contact Dorothy if you are a publisher or have enquiries relating to publishing.

t: 01387 702252
Emma McMillan - Publisher Liaison Assistant

Contact Emma with any enquiries on the Catalogue-in-Publication (CIP) Programme.

t: 01387 702251
Stuart Brown - Financial Controller

Contact Stuart with any queries regarding invoicing or financial matters.

t: 01387 702253

IT Systems and Support

Paul Campbell - Chief Technical Officer

Paul is responsible for global hardware strategy for BDS.

t: 01387 702769
Alastair Campbell - Technical Lead

Alastair is responsible for Applications Development.

t: 01387 702752

Support Services

If you require help or support regarding BDS products and services please use our online support form, available here.