Academic Libraries

Accurate and rich catalogue records have never been more important. BDS provides a range of services for academic libraries to aid cataloguing and resource discovery.

The BDS Academic Library Licence

The BDS Academic Library Licence revolutionises the supply of metadata records to UK academic institutions by providing a completely automated workflow for the supply of high-quality, book in hand records. Records come directly from BDS, ensuring that your library has the highest quality metadata, which can be shared between libraries.

The BDS Academic Library Licence has been developed in response to market conditions and following discussion with key industry stakeholders at the academic stock suppliers, metadata experts, SUPC, NAG and Jisc, and provides a model where the cost of record creation is shared across the academic community.

Using our close partnership with publishers we create book in hand records ahead of publication. Records are created once and are then available to all participating libraries, stock suppliers and eBook aggregators.

We believe the ALL is the fastest and most economic route to acquire high quality metadata.


  • Instead of paying stock suppliers for records, libraries pay BDS directly. No double dipping.
  • No limit on the number of records a library can request.
  • Free-up specialist staff to focus on collections and metadata unique to the university.
  • Book in hand records for new additions to stock for English language titles published after 1st January 2010, or for older titles where BDS already holds a book in hand record.
  • From 1st April 2021, proactive creation of book in hand records, ahead of publication, for all titles published by the BDS Core Publisher list of over 270 publishers and imprints.
  • Records meet the recommendations of Plan M, NAG’s Quality of Shelf Ready Metadata report and the SUPC record profiles.
  • Records can be freely shared between participating libraries.
  • Option for a fully automated workflow that seamlessly delivers records directly into the LSP.
  • Future proof BDS records.  

BDS provides a dedicated Helpdesk for any queries.

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Content and Standards

BDS metadata for academic libraries covers books, e-books, and Open Access English language titles.

For more information visit our Content and Standards section.

Retrospective Conversion

BDS offers several services for academic libraries wanting to improve their local catalogues. Find out more on our Retrospective Conversion page.

Enriched Content

BDS offers a wide range of enriched content to accompany its core catalogue metadata, including images and TOCs.

Further details are available in the Enriched Content section of our website.

Academic Stock Suppliers

BDS records are available for English language print, eBooks and Open Access titles.

For more information see our section on Academic Stock Suppliers.

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