BDS creates metadata from information supplied direct from publishers, film and music studios, and games suppliers. We aggregate and add value to this information. We adhere to the latest metadata standards and classification, ensuring your library catalogue is:

  • Consistent
  • Accurate
  • Informative
  • Interoperable across systems
  • User-friendly

We add a wide range of extended content to the core bibliographic record, including:

  • pre-release information supplied by publishers and studios
  • cover and internal content images
  • price and availability
  • short and long product descriptions for all media
  • audience level information
  • author notes
  • music artist biographies
  • track listings
  • streaming film trailers
  • comprehensive production details for games and video

BDS quality of service is assured. We offer:

  • book-in-hand records created on publication
  • popular and important publications and releases identified
  • updated metadata throughout the life cycle of the product
  • extensive categories for video
  • free consultation to help you decide on the best package of services
  • flexible integration of extended content into your system
  • flexible delivery mechanisms to suit your workflow and systems
  • personal support from industry experts

Achieving Economies

Metadata is the core of our business. We provide our services to customers all over the world so we can offer a much more cost-effective solution than internal operations within individual institutions.


BDS staff are metadata professionals, trained to generate accurate and consistent quality metadata.

Leading Research and Development

BDS actively participates in international forums and committees that govern new and developing standards within the library sector, so you can be assured that BDS metadata is future-proof and incorporates the latest standards and criteria governing metadata content today.

BDS continually explores, tests and invests in new and proven technology to deliver the best possible services to you.

Unrivalled Technical Support

BDS support staff are trained in librarianship and the systems that run libraries, so when you come to us with a question, we understand your requirements and can offer quick and efficient solutions.

Contact BDS now to discuss the benefits BDS metadata can offer your institution.