Enriched Content

Enriched content is a vital part of the modern library catalogue, engaging and informing the public about library holdings.

Images as part of the library catalogue increase the chances of people finding what they want, reducing frustration and enhancing the search experience while increasing lending.

BDS offers a wide range of enriched content to accompany its core catalogue metadata. BDS Enriched Content covers most of the popular stock you are likely to have in your library.

Take advantage of:

  • Book jacket images
  • Internal scans
  • Book preview
  • TOCs
  • Short and long description
  • Author notes
  • Marketing information
  • Music artist biographies
  • Track listings
  • Screenshots for video games
  • Film trailers
  • Cast lists
  • Production details
  • Audio clips

Images and information can be delivered via diverse mechanisms, the most popular of which is our BDSLink service or XML API.


Images and enriched content are seamlessly integrated into and displayed upon your library management system’s OPAC without the need to store information locally (see Products and Delivery).

Contact us now to find out more about BDS Enriched Content and how it can enhance your library.