Long Reads

BDS offers in-depth articles and interviews on topics at the heart of our mission to offer libraries the best metadata available. Find below articles that address libraries today and extend the content presented in our magazine BDSLife of Libraries.

Building the Future

In 2017, BDS talked with Nick Poole, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). Here we present the wide-ranging interview that discusses the future of the library, its role in a modern democracy, Brexit and digitisation… READ MORE

BDS interviews Lars G. Svensson

BDS went to the German National Library in Frankfurt to talk to world-expert on linked data and the Semantic Web, Dr Lars G. Svensson, and asks him about his vision of the future for libraries… READ MORE

A Life with Libraries

Caroline Brazier devoted her career to expanding and defining for the future the role of the library in our culture. Before her  retirement, BDSLife went to visit her to talk about her formative years, her achievements and her belief in the future of the library READ MORE

BDS Interviews Gordon Dunsire

In 2016, our interviewee, Gordon Dunsire received the IFLA medal “For distinguished service to IFLA and international librarianship, advancing the field of bibliographic data, linked data and the Semantic Web.” BDSLIfe went to visit him at his home in Edinburgh to find out more about his life and work… READ MORE

Bringing a Buzz Back to Libraries

Standing outside The Hive you could easily believe that here is a major European icon, as the Guggenheim in Bilbao or Philharmonie in Berlin. Once inside, you could be in a railway terminus or airport. It is busy, it is bright, it is welcoming, it is alive; it is a... Read more » READ MORE

A Library Set in Stone

In our age of digitisation and metadata it is easy to forget that past cultures faced exactly the same problems regarding retrieval of information, reliable source material and quality of data that libraries face today but that they had to find quite different solutions.​ The monumental Legal Deposit system in... Read more » READ MORE

Expertise is Value

The early twenty-first century is one of virtual exploration, and it is easy to get lost. The shift from physical to digital, local to cloud, connected to inter-connected has changed our information-geography. One of the major results is a much greater reliance on metadata to navigate effectively. READ MORE