BDS Keeps Delivering

BDS is set to maintain service levels during England’s second lockdown, ensuring that the supply chain for books and home entertainment releases continues to receive metadata as libraries, publishers, suppliers and retailers adapt to the ever-changing “new normal”. 

With different rules and regulations applying across the UK, the metadata that BDS supplies is vital in maintaining catalogues on websites, in libraries and stock management systems. 

BDS is based in Scotland and therefore England’s lockdown does not apply to its offices but the company has gone to great lengths to ensure the well-being of its staff, providing safe premises for those who need to come into work and offering flexible solutions such as two hour lunch breaks to combat the shortening days this autumn and ensure its staff can get exercise. 

Members of staff who choose to work from home have been supported with the provision of the high quality IT infrastructure that metadata creation requires and the “family” – BDS has a high staff retention level over its 25 years history – keep in contact via the BDS intranet. 

“It has been a demanding year,” says Lesley Whyte, Managing Director at BDS, “but our staff have been fantastic, maintaining high levels of output, even during the shock of the first lockdown and all the challenges it presented. Today, we are ready once again, to meet the demands of our industry’s supply chain as we head into what will no doubt be a difficult winter.” 

For libraries BDS metadata is an essential ingredient in book selection, resource discovery and cataloguing. The book industry and home entertainment sectors employ BDS metadata in a variety of key roles such as item identification and metrics which have become even more important with the rise in online retail.

“I think it is vital that the trade and libraries are able to continue their role as a source of reading material and information,” said Lesley. “BDS will play its part in ensuring the supply chain gets the metadata it needs.” 

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