BDS Retains TEiLA Award

BDS has successfully retained the Technology Excellence in Libraries Award (TEiLA).

TEiLA is specific to libraries and the library supply chain and is awarded to organisations that demonstrate a commitment to industry standards while deploying technologies identified by BIC as being of benefit to the library sector.

“Following the most recent meeting of the BIC Technology Excellence in Libraries Award (TEiLA) Accreditation Panel, I am delighted to inform you that Bibliographic Data Services Ltd has successfully retained an award on this Scheme for the period, June 2020 – May 2021. Congratulations again!” writes Alaina-Marie Bassett, Business Manager at Book Industry Communication Ltd (BIC).

The award is presented in recognition of BDS’s efforts and achievements in deploying beneficial technologies and adhering to industry standards. It covers the areas of bibliographic information supply and usage, electronic communication with suppliers, RFID solutions and systems integration and automation with a view to improve customer service and operational efficiency at lower cost.

A panel of industry experts who are familiar with library technologies and whose organisations have all achieved accreditation themselves, meet to discuss each application assisted by analysis provided by BIC. The Panel decides if the applicant has achieved a sufficient score to be accredited.

“To retain such an award, judged by our peers in the industry, is a significant achievement,” says Keith Walters, Trade Data Manager at BDS, “it rewards all the fantastic work the BDS team have put in, from cataloguers to IT, to sales and support, and demonstrates that it is benefitting the whole library sector and its customers.”

The TEiLA accreditation scheme helps to promote, encourage and reward activity in the library supply chain. It is free, easy to apply for and open to all. Applicants who pass can display their certificate and logo wherever they wish, and applicants who fail, do so in complete confidence and can receive advice from BIC on how to improve.

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