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BDS offers metadata, web and design services.

BDSData aggregates, curates and delivers metadata; BDSDigital delivers web and design services.

BDSData metadata addresses print and e-books, audio books, computer games, film and music across physical and streaming and downloadable digital media. It adheres to all industry standards and classification models and includes a wide range of extended content. BDSData delivers metadata to the library sector, industry bodies, charities and the book trade. BDSData includes BDSWest10, a branch of metadata services that addresses retail and etail in the film, tv, music and games sector.

BDSDigital offers comprehensive web development, hosting and maintenance services and an award-winning design division working in both digital and print. BDSDigital specialises in the integration of large data sets, such as those generated by the UK’s publishing output, into an online environment that enables product management and presentation.

BDSData and BDSDigital combined build a service that reflects our company's commitment to offer "information beautifully presented" - the complete service, allowing content to be viewed, used and purchased through robustly built websites that stand out from the crowd.


BDS brings together four companies each renowned for quality of product and service.

Founded in 1995 by Lesley Whyte and Eric Green, Bibliographic Data Services quickly established itself as the foremost supplier of quality metadata to libraries. The company has held the British Library Catalogue in Publication (CIP) Programme contract since 1995, providing consistent core services to the British Library, and supplies all UK public libraries, many academic libraries and libraries around the world.

The purchase of home entertainment metadata provider, Parafax, web-services company, Ehaus and design studio, Weesleekit enabled BDS to grow its business into the complementary sectors of home entertainment information, web building hosting and maintenance, and design services. Parafax was transformed into West10 Entertainment, which has in turn become BDSWest10.

These diverse identities have been progressively integrated into BDS, the complete content, platform and design service.

Today, ongoing research, innovation and participation in industry bodies around developing metadata standards and the latest web technologies, allied to an insistence on quality, means that BDS holds a place at the forefront of metadata curation, presentation and use.


BDS strives to deliver unparalleled metadata, secure web services and cutting-edge design that works for large and small organisations alike. Our strength is in our integrated approach. We encourage excellence in everything we do; we work with honesty and integrity; we maintain friendly relations and listen to our customers; we professionally develop our employees and support our industry. We believe we can make a difference to your organisation and our industry at large.

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