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If you need data, web services, design services, or any combination of the three, then BDS will have a solution for you. The skills in our company have been built up to provide state-of-the art solutions for our customers that look as good as the quality of our product.

BDS offers metadata, web and design services through its three company branches, BDS Data, BDS Web and BDS Design. Our metadata covers books and home entertainment releases including e-books, audio books, computer games, film and music across both physical and digital media. If you want to search for, buy, borrow or sell books or home entertainment product, you need BDS data.

But having data is only the start of the process, and that’s where our Web and Design divisions come in. They allow you to make a product that can serve your customers or your community. BDS complements its data offering with comprehensive web development and maintenance services and an award-winning design division which together builds a service that reflects our company's commitment to offer "information beautifully presented" - the complete content and delivery mechanism.

Continuous research across all its divisions and innovation allied to an insistence on quality, means that BDS maintains its place at the forefront of metadata creation and use.

BDS has expanded the possibilities of the digital catalogue by generating ever-richer extended content for use within the diverse sectors and markets its data addresses. It has also provided customers with the ideal web platform creation mechanism through BDS Web, allowing content to be viewed and used around the world. The third and equally vital element of the BDS complete package is delivered through its BDS Design division, allowing robustly built websites containing world class content to stand out from the crowd and look beautiful.


BDS brings together four companies each renowned for quality of product and service.

Founded in 1995 by Lesley Whyte and Eric Green, Bibliographic Data Services quickly established itself as the foremost supplier of quality metadata to libraries. The company has held the British Library Catalogue in Publication (CIP) Programme contract since 1995, providing consistent core services to the British Library and libraries all over the world for over twenty years.

The purchase of home entertainment data provider, Parafax, web-services company, Ehaus and design studio, Weesleekit enabled BDS to grow its business into the complementary sectors of home entertainment information, web build and maintenance, and design services. Parafax was transformed into West10 Entertainment, providing its metadata not only to the home entertainment sector and libraries, but also to European projects.

In 2016, Bibliographic Data Services took the decision to integrate these diverse identities into one new entity: BDS. BDS: four successful companies working in three sectors combined into a new vision: the complete content, platform and design service. We have taken all that was good in these small, responsive businesses, and added the robustness that comes from a long-established business with a reputation for excellence of service and quality of product.

BDS continues to deliver unparalleled data, secure web services and cutting-edge design that works for large and small organisations alike. Despite our growth over the years, customers remain the focus of all that we do. The versatility that the skills base in our business offers us means that we can deliver customised solutions to our customers that achieve exactly what they want. Our strength is in our integrated approach. We encourage excellence in everything we do; we work with honesty and integrity; we maintain a friendly ethos that listens to our customers, professionally develops our employees and supports our industry.

We believe we can make a difference to your organisation. Contact us now for no-obligation discussions on how we can provide data, web or design solutions for you, and help to present your information beautifully.

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