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  • A Library of Folklore and Fairytales

    Once upon a time, there was an old building and it was full of books. This old building was creaking at the seams and was built on a swamp...Read the remarkable story Latvia's new National Library and its remarkable treasures.

  • A Life with Libraries: BDS interviews Caroline Brazier

    Caroline Brazier, Chief Librarian at the British Library, has devoted her career to expanding and defining for the future the role of the library in our culture. As she approaches her recently announced retirement, BDSLife went to visit her to talk about her formative years, her achievements and her belief in the future of the library…

  • Metadata: Translating Expertise into Value

    The early twenty-first century is one of virtual exploration, and it is easy to get lost. The shift from physical to digital, local to cloud, connected to inter-connected has changed our information-geography. One of the major results is a much greater reliance on metadata to navigate effectively.

  • A Vintage Library: The City of Wine in Bordeaux

    There can be no better place in the world for a museum dedicated to wine than Bordeaux. However, La Cité du Vin had a unique remit. Its ten floors set inside a fluid, swirling case of aluminium and glass on the bank of the Garonne river, had to address world wine. BDSLife spoke with Fanny Teste, “documentaliste” for a unique collection of books housed in the Cité’s Salon de Lecture on the second floor of this remarkable building.

  • Building the Future: BDSLife interviews Nick Poole, CEO of CILIP

    BDSLife talks with Nick Poole, CEO of CILIP, who discusses librarianship, core values, society's expectations and assumptions, Brexit, and the central role of knowledge management in the future. Read here the full transcipt of the abbreviated article published in the Spring issue of BDSLife for Libraries magazine.

  • Unity, Diversity & A Touch Of Love: The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek

    John Hudson visits a national library with a difference in Frankfurt, home of the European Central Bank and the famous Buchmesse. The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek reflects the unique and often troubled history of Europe’s economic powerhouse…

  • A Tale Of Two Companies: BDS and Shakespere's Globe Theatre

    What do the plays Romeo and Juliet, The Comedy of Errors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It, Hamlet, King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing have in common, apart from the obvious, their author? The answer is that they have all been sponsored by BDS as touring productions presented by London’s Globe Theatre.

  • Melvil Dewey And The Dewey Decimal Cataloguing System

    Since Melvil Dewey first published his cataloguing rules in 1876, the Dewey Decimal Classification system has been used by an increasing number libraries worldwide to catalogue their collections...

  • Bringing A Buzz Back To Libraries: The Hive In Worcester

    Today we take libraries for granted. They are part of the fabric of society, what make us civilised. But libraries are one of the world’s resources that have proven most difficult to build, equally difficult to maintain and, arguably, are the most precious treasures we possess. BDS went to visit one of those treasures in the heart of Oxford, the Bodleian Library, one of the world’s great collections…

  • A Library Set In Stone: The Ancient Carved Tablets In Xi'an, China

    In our age of digitisation and data it is easy to forget that past cultures faced exactly the same problems regarding retrieval of information, reliable source material and quality of data that libraries face today but that they had to find quite different solutions.​..

  • A Connected, Courageous New World: BDS Interviews Dr Lars G. Svensson

    We are moving at least in the connected world towards a global database integrating seamlessly and accessible to everyone, with no single point or source but as many sources as wish to participate each with their own vision of their own data and each, by and large, interoperable...

  • Andrew Carnegie: The Man And His Belief In Libraries

    For anyone who works in libraries the name Andrew Carnegie surely carries special significance. Lesley Whyte who was born and spent much of her childhood in Scotland, investigates a fellow Scot and advocate of libraries…​

  • A City In Love With Libraries: Manchester

    With many prestigious new-build library projects in cities around the world, Manchester City Council took the different approach of refurbishment and restoration of their existing Central Reference Library. The result is a remarkable new library that keeps all that people loved about the old building while adding functionality that addresses customer needs well into the century ahead...

  • A Library In A Town Called Dewey: Remote, Sunny, Small And Loving Its Library

    If only Robinson Crusoe had found a library on his desert island he may have been a happier man. For the five mile wide island of Culebra in the Caribbean, the community library is a vital part of everyday life and, just as Crusoe had to build everything for himself, so the Culebrenses have built and stocked their library from scratch…

  • Craigieburn's Glittering Prizes: An Award Winning New Library In Australia

    Craigieburn Library stands in the heart of a developing community. New houses climb the low hillsides of this rapidly expanding town on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. The main road leading from the centre of Victoria’s capital and passing the international airport is busy with building plots; the library is just over two years old and has become the focal point for the town’s ever-increasing number of new inhabitants...

  • The Memory Of Mankind: The Bodleian Library Past And Present

    Today we take libraries for granted. They are part of the fabric of society, what make us civilised. But libraries are one of the world’s resources that have proven most difficult to build, equally difficult to maintain and, arguably, are the most precious treasures we possess. BDS went to visit one of those treasures in the heart of Oxford, the Bodleian Library, one of the world’s great collections…

  • Guardian Of Equality: The New York Public Library

    On Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street stands the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, one of the world’s most iconic libraries. Watched over by its lions, Patience and Fortitude, The New York Public Library (NYPL) has been a guardian of social equality for over one hundred years in a city where some eight hundred languages are spoken...

Web Articles

  • BDSDigital: Securing The Future

    Working with BDS may seem like a matter of switching on your computer and visiting a BDSDigital website, accessing the data, images, soundclips and trailers but there is a complex and cutting-edge world of hardware, software and human ingenuity ensuring you get the information you need quickly...

  • A Beautiful Sight: BDSDigital Creates The Yale University Press Website

    Websites have to be functional; they have to inform or sell; they do not have to be beautiful, but when a website is attractive and performs its purpose, it is a joy to visit. The new Yale University Press website, built by BDS Web, is a place that gives pleasure to the mind and spirit as well as displaying the products of one of the world’s most respected university presses...

  • The Virtual Bookshop: Why The Book Trade Loves BDSDigital

    Books. Nearly 150,000 are published every year in the UK alone, many more are imported and they address a wide range of markets and sectors...

Design Articles

  • What's In an Ad: BDS Digital and the art of the advert

    Advertising. It’s everywhere. We take it for granted: on the roadside, on TV, on the Web, in newspapers. Google built its empire on it; TV channels use it to exist. It’s about getting noticed, about getting your message across, about selling your product. Creating adverts for BDS, the BDS Digital team face an extra issue. BDS’s data-focused business is invisible; data is not something you can touch, taste, see, feel or smell...

  • Interpreting Shakespeare: BDSDigital And The Bard's Birthplace

    The recent St George’s day celebrations of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary brought one of the world’s cultural icons to the fore on TV, radio, theatres and cinemas around the globe. BDSDigital was one of a select few companies asked to come up with a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s birthplace, originally set to be completed for the 2016 anniversary.

  • The Artists' Book: A History And An Archive

    Art and books have always been associated. Since the days of medieval illuminated manuscripts, art has featured on pages, illuminating them, commenting on the stories, adding visual stimulation...

  • The Story Of Print: Its Close Relationship With The History Of Design

    The development of print goes hand-in-hand with the history of design, whether books, posters, advertising or today’s websites. The Museum of Printing in the heart of the city of Lyon, France, an important crossroads between northern and southern Europe, bears witness to this fascinating relationship...

  • Graphic Novel Festival: Angouleme In France Comes Alive With Cartoon Characters

    The graphic novel as a genre has engaged generations. John Hudson went to Europe’s biggest festival dedicated to the graphic novel, the Festival International de la Bande Dessinee which takes place in Angouleme each year and he discovered, with a little help from BDSLive, that the comic strip is a story that travels the world.​..