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Gaynor Ross heads up BDSDigital’s sales team. She’s out and about, meeting people across the UK, from publishing companies to your local electrician. She loves her job.

It’s so varied. BDSDigital is a creative explosion! says Gaynor.

One day I am working with groups to promote the Dumfries and Galloway youth and music scene through websites and sponsorship, the next I am in Lancashire helping plan a dairy’s exhibition stand and printed marketing material, then reporting back to the software development team in Dumfries to get an app developed for a plant hire company, and then at the end of the day, liaising with a publishing giant.

The Complete Package

BDSDigital is a company with a national portfolio but its heart is firmly set in Dumfries and Galloway. It provides market profile and identity through digital and analogue media – in other words websites and all that goes with them, and printed material. The company prides itself on being “a full-service agency” as Gaynor describes it.

You can have a beautiful website but if it clashes with your advertising and the decal on your van, you’re halving the effect of your investment in your market profile. Pull all those design elements together into a cohesive, readily identified image across everything you do – selling online, business cards, chance encounter in the street, advertising and the effect snowballs. You’re a winner.

Local Company, National Success

BDS built its early reputation in data supply. Servicing every library in the UK as well as the British Library and international libraries, meant the company at the Crichton had to invest in developing its own IT infrastructure and support. This is the basis for BDSDigital which has grown via investment and acquisition into a one stop shop for the region’s businesses.

I think the great thing about BDSDigital is that we remember where we came from and what it is like to start up and survive in a region like Dumfries and Galloway,” says Eric Green, Managing Director of BDSDigital. “As the data side of the business grew, we learnt lessons, sometimes the hard way, but our success meant the expansion of out IT and web skills and then our design and marketing skills as we had to present ourselves in international markets.

No Job too Small

It’s rare to meet a web and design company that loves the little guy as much as it loves the big player but with BDSDigital there’s no shortage of care and attention for everyone, no matter what scale their operation.

“We want to help the one-man start-up who has to walk to his jobs as much as the giants,” says Gaynor. “One day, under the right circumstances, those small players will grow big. Part of the circumstances that create success is the opportunity to work with BDSDigital.

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