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Wonderful Websites from BDSDigital

Often the first and only point of contact between company and customer is your website.

When you live and trade in a rural community the role of your website to promote your business and facilitate sales cannot be overstated,” says our Business Development Manager.

And it is not just about reaching out.

The internet means the public expect higher standards of presentation. The product or service you offer – whether it is, say, re-wiring a house, offering hospitality in your B&B or selling boots – may be as excellent as ever but the way you present your goods and services is competing with top-notch presentation around the globe.

Visitors to the Panache website can browse through fashions and styles online.

Selling in the High Street

Even if your main point of sale is your shop in the High Street, your website draws custom, gets you recognised, shows your goods to a wider catchment area than passing trade and enables sales via postal delivery.

BDSDigital set up our website and mail chimp account for us, linking it all to our Facebook account,” says Caroline McMiken of Panache Limited in Castle Douglas. “The BDSDigital team were great to work with and they have all the skills and resources necessary to build my ideal website. Every time I go to update my webpage, they are very helpful and patient with me.

BDSDigital started with the visual identity before building the website for the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership.

Informing Your Followers

How your website functions can make the difference between success and failure. The Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership website involved and extensive brief that included undertaking photographic work and video creation, managing social media and website feeds and creating the Partnership newsletter and managing its subscription list.

The new website provides an excellent overview of the aims of the scheme,” says McNabb Laurie, The Galloway Glens Development Officer. “It introduces the project development process and timescales, provides all necessary scheme documentation and publishes other information such as meeting minutes.


BDSDigital built the website for SuperControl so it could not only present its holiday bookings service to its national and international client base but also manage the whole process. It looks great and it saves time and money.

As SuperControl realised the potential that BDSDigital could offer, we progressively adapted the project to meet SuperControl’s ambitions,” says Nicky O’Toole, Designer at BDSDigital.

BDSDigital was selected to implement the SuperControl website which included information, support, case studies, client login and pricing information and online booking facilities.

BDSDigital was chosen to build the website for the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP), the proposed delegate organisation for taking forward marine planning in the Firth of Clyde.

Essential Values and Information

People are really savvy about spotting amateurish or error-strewn websites, not to mention slow-running websites,” says our Business Development Manager. “Your website says so much about you, not just what you are offering but how you work.

Sinead Sheridan, CMPP, says, “Working with the BDSDigital team was very straightforward and easy through the whole process. We especially appreciated their flexible attitude towards meeting the various requirements of the site and that the team was always available to talk things through.

The significance of winning this major contract for BDSDigital reflects its ability to convey the essential values and information of an organisation both visually and architecturally within a website. In this case it was also important to the CMPP to build a website that was easy to navigate and find key information to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use and to have flexibility for features of the site to adapt as the CMPP moves through different stages their work.

​Excellence for Dumfries and Galloway

As I travel around this region, I am convinced that the quality of goods and services that businesses here offer in Dumfries and Galloway is superb,” continues our Business Development Manager. “I want those businesses to be recognised for the excellent jobs they do and for them to succeed, and for that, today, you need a wonderful website.

The Blackface Meat Company offers the best of local produce through its attractive website that combines elegance with commercial functionality.

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