Long Reads

BDS interviews Lars G. Svensson

BDS went to the German National Library in Frankfurt to talk to world-expert on linked data and the Semantic Web, Dr Lars G. Svensson, and asks him about his vision of the future for libraries… READ MORE

The Book Trade Loves BDS

Traditionally, we think of the bookshop as a place we love to browse and get lost in, but the website is the place where sales are made. The advantages are obvious: overcoming geography, no physical space required, change your window display in a flash, fewer overheads, a worldwide audience. READ MORE

A Beautiful Sight

Websites have to be functional; they have to inform or sell; they do not have to be beautiful, but when a website is attractive and performs its purpose, it is a joy to visit. The Yale University Press UK/Europe website, built by BDS, is a place that gives pleasure to... Read more » READ MORE